Am I normal?

I recently worked with a lovely couple who were preparing for the birth of their second child after a traumatic first birth experience. At our last session they told me how confident that felt about their upcoming birth, that they had enjoyed our HypnoBirthing Sessions and that they had enjoyed specifically working with me. The father said that one of the best things about me is that I am ‘normal’. How we laughed! Perhaps my new tag line should be ‘Helen Redfern – She’s Normal’. However, I knew what he was getting at and I understood his preconceptions about what I might be like. This got me thinking how we Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioners are perceived.

So, am I normal? Well, I’m pretty average. I’m a thirty-something mother of two who discovered HypnoBirthing during my first pregnancy. I had feared birth and assumed that I would partake of any pain-relief on offer. However, my research (I’m perhaps not average in my need to research anything and everything) showed me that almost all the pain-relief options available had a downside either for me, my baby or both of us; well that was no use! It was then that I discovered HypnoBirthing, had two great births and decided that I really wanted to add teaching HypnoBirthing to my portfolio of skills. Really, I am pretty ‘normal’.

So, am I an unusually ‘normal’ person compared to my HypnoBirthing cohorts? I don’t think so. Yes, we come in all shapes and sizes; yes we come from a diverse range of backgrounds but we all want the parents we work with to look forward to their birth experiences, for their babies to be born safely and we are not prescriptive about how/where that birth should be.

So, if you and your partner are considering HypnoBirthing don’t worry about what the Practitioner will be like. However, I would say that it is worth speaking to a few practitioners first before booking your course so that you can find the one that you particularly gel with.

In the meantime, I’m teaching tonight so I’d better get my ‘normal’ clothes ready…

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