Fear Release – What do we need?

In HypnoBirthing Classes we do various fear release exercises i.e. we tackle the fears that the parents hold so that they can move on positively to the fantastic birth that they are going to have and the parenting adventure ahead of them. Often parents talk about how they are going to cope and say, ‘I don’t even know what to take to hospital’. I have just finished working with a second-time around couple for whom the memory of carrying various items of paraphenalia around hospital is still strong. Personally I remember calling my mum in a panic towards the end of my pregnancy because I had no idea what I needed to buy for my baby and then she started to bamboozle me with words such as romper-suit and babygro. She may as well have been speaking Hungarian!

So, here are links to a list you’ll need for your hospital bag:

Hospital Bag

and a list of things to buy for your baby’s return home:

What Do I Need to Buy?

Good luck! And if you can think of anything else that parents might need do leave a comment.

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