Antenatal Workshop

BabyCalm Croydon Redhill Bromley Colic Crying Sleep

The Baby Calming Antenatal Workshop is designed to introduce expectant parents to reasons that babies are commonly unsettled, including an explanation of baby colic and common reasons babies cry, helping them to understand their baby before they are even born!

You will learn how to be a confident mum or dad able to welcome your baby into a world where they are calmer and more settled and be armed with many techniques to make your baby’s transition from womb to world as smooth and comfortable as possible, avoid colic and aid sleep for the whole family.

You will learn how to calm a crying baby and soothe colic as well as the secrets of how to get more sleep at night and how to get your baby to nap easily during the day.

Dads are actively encouraged to attend this workshop: we focus heavily on the importance of fathers and roles that dads may play to support the mother and bond with their baby.

This workshop is most suited to couples in the third trimester of pregnancy. 

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