Baby Calming Workshop

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The Baby Calming Workshop  provides new parents with a brief introduction to Baby Calming techniques, providing a great alternative if you are unable to attend the full four week Mother and Baby course.

I will help you to understand why your baby is unsettled and then demonstrate a range of techniques and tools to help your baby settle, calm colic and sleep better! I will give you the tools to have a calm and happy baby as well as confidence in their own instincts and abilities.

This baby class is often a light bulb moment for new parents with many commenting that they wish they had known about Baby Calming before their baby was born or they had read a stream of baby books all giving different advice! I find this such a rewarding class to teach as the results are so quick, parents literally walk out with a calmer baby and a smile on their face!

This workshop is usually taught privately in your own home as I understand how difficult it can be to get out with a new baby; it’s not unheard of for me to meet mums in their pyjamas! This workshop can also be offered in a group format (although probably not all in your pyjamas).

This is a great class for both mums and dads.


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