Mother & Baby Course

Baby Calm BabyCalm Mother Croydon Redhill Croydon Crying Sleep Colic Reflux

The Mother & Baby Course is a unique 4 week (8 hour) course, designed for new mothers and babies, incorporating baby calming and communication skills, class discussion of many topics that new mums commonly face (such as birth debriefing, baby feeding worries, bonding with your baby, baby colic, baby reflux, constipation and wind in babies, lack of sleep and concerns about the health and wellbeing of their new baby).

The classes will help you to bond with your new baby, help him or her to be a calm and happy baby, free of colic, and help you to experience a stress free relationship of trust, confidence and calm.

The class also provides an invaluable opportunity for you to make new friends with other local mums. If you would like to learn to trust your own maternal instinct rather than follow rules and routines this is the course for you!

BabyCalm HypnoBIrthing Baby Mother father Croydon Redhill Bromley Crying Sleep Reflux Colic

Generally, I run this class in my South Croydon home; it makes for a welcoming environment for you and your baby. You can park for free right outside the door; if you have a pram you can leave it in the hall, and then you can sit on a sofa or the carpet if you prefer. There are always some sweet nibbles and a tea or coffee available. Basically I will treat you as I would any other friend coming to my home – and you’ll make new local mum friends too.

Please note this is a mums and babies only class, dads are welcome on all of our other courses and workshops though.

You can contact me by:

  • emailing me at
  • phoning 0208 405 3499

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