Osteopathy can be very useful during and after pregnancy. Many women will experience strains to their body before and after birth which can be eased using osteopathy. The process of birth can also cause a baby’s spine and cranial bones to become misaligned. Cranial osteopathy, the application of gentle pressure on the baby’s head and back releases those stresses and strains;  cranial osteopathy has been found to help babies to be calmer, more content, sleep better and feed better.

Mark Bolton practises at The Osteopathic Clinic  in Addiscombe and Warlingham, Pavilion Osteopaths in Horsham and The Maris Practice in Twickenham  Mark is able to offer pre- and post-natal care for mums and cranial osteopathic treatment for their babies. I met Mark when I took my baby son to him for cranial osteopathic treatment; my son rather liked him. Mark also noticed that I was in pain and sorted my back out too!

To book an appointment, call 020 8662 1155 or click HERE

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