Guest Blog – Who will be first?

I am hoping to welcome a series of Guest Blogs to my humble blog-site. I am looking for bloggers, parents, local therapists, and really anyone with an interest in pregnancy, birth and parenting to come and have their say here.

If you have anything you’d like to say, or you know someone else who might want to give some advice to expectant or new parents, please phone me on 020 8405 3499 or email me at .

Later today, the first guest blogger will have their say – any guesses who it might be? Check back later to find out.

Gold Standard

HypnoBirthing® in the UK has had some great news in the past month. The Federation of Antenatal Educators “FEDANT” has formally recognised HypnoBirthing® by granting National Register admission to Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioners – that’s people like me!

FEDANT’s primary purpose is to protect the public by providing a National Register of validated professionals and HypnoBirthing’s admission to FEDANT’s Register gives us a Gold Standard at a time when is a bewildering array of independent qualifications in Antenatal Education.

I’m so pleased that the HypnoBirthing® community has been recognised in this way.

 “Many parents are choosing to use HypnoBirthing as part of their birth preparation and it is a testament to the skill and dedication of those in the sector that awards have been developed which fulfil the requirements of both education and safety” – Angela Stone, Secretary. FEDANT