Baby Massage

Kerri and Baby Benjamin’s 2013 Baby Massage Story:

Baby Massage CroydonI took both the Massage and Babycalm courses and thoroughly enjoyed both equally. (For Kerri’s BabyCalm review see HERE).  I found the massage class very useful and a great way to bond with my son Benjamin. He loves his tummy and back massages and gets quite excited when he knows it’s time. We now work it into our routine every day. Helen certainly made the courses with her extremely welcoming nature and the way she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in the groups. She answered everyone’s questions and packed both courses with useful tips, techniques and encouraging words. I definitely will be recommending both courses with Helen to all mothers, whether they are first time moms or seasoned pros! Kerri & Benjamin

Anjie and Baby Rosie’s 2013 Baby Massage Story:

I love doing baby massage and found that it was a very bonding activity for Rosie and I as well as giving us lots of ideas for both long and short massages to do at home. The written sheet was a great reminder too of all the various movements.  Thank you so much.

Anna and Baby Lexie’s 2012 Baby Massage Story:

Lexie and I thoroughly enjoyed our Baby Massage classes with Helen. Lexie suffered from colic and often had trapped wind. We learnt some great strokes and moves that helped to relieve this and Lexie (and her parents!) are now much happier. The classes were great fun. Lexie enjoyed seeing other babies and I met some other lovely mums who I now meet up with. Helen also had a great way about her. She welcomed us in to the group and took the time to explain the strokes to me. She also gave me some great parenting advice and helped me to have more confidence in my own abilities as a mum. I would really recommend taking Helen’s Baby Massage course.

Emma and Baby Darcey’s 2011 Baby Massage Story:

I signed up with Helen to help my daughter with colic and to meet new mums. Helen is a fantastic and caring woman, great with the babies and parents. I would really recommend this class. I have made new friends and learnt massage for my baby.

Josie and Babies Théa and Macy 2011 Baby Massage Story:

I signed up for this course with my twin daughters (and mum to help!) when they were only 4 weeks old. I learnt some lovely techniques and strokes which I practice as and when I can and my girls are responsive to these (The constipation strokes are a winner). The course is very relaxed, reasonably priced and Helen is lovely. Even if you have a grouchy baby, you can attend the session and watch the strokes being taught while having a cuddle with your little bundle. Money well spent I say   :0)

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