Baby Calming

Jasmine Harman and Jon Boast’s 2013 BabyCalm Story:

How will i calm my baby BabyCalm Antenatal Workshop CroydonWhen I discovered I was pregnant, the first book I read was BabyCalm by Sarah Ockwell-Smith. It made so much sense to me, so when I had the opportunity to take part in a BabyCalm Antenatal Workshop with Helen Redfern, I jumped at the chance.

It seems ironic that we need to be given permission to trust our instincts and use our intuition to parent our babies, but we’re so bombarded by the “right” and “wrong” ways to do things we’ve lost the confidence to do things our own way.

I really enjoyed the session and was especially encouraged by the tips to keep baby calm by making the environment as “womb like” as possible. I’m sure I’ll be trying them all out before long.

Thank Again

Kerri and Baby Benjamin’s 2013 BabyCalm Story:

Calm Babies CroydonI took both the Massage and Babycalm Mother & Baby courses and thoroughly enjoyed both equally (see HERE for Kerri’s Baby Massage review). The Baby calm course was both helpful and reassuring to know that all mothers go through a similar experience and to know that we are all ‘good enough moms’. It was also great to meet other mums, to hear how others are coping and to learn different strategies on dealing with different aspects of our babies developments. Helen certainly made the courses with her extremely welcoming nature and the way she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in the groups. She answered everyone’s questions and packed both courses with useful tips, techniques and encouraging words. I definitely will be recommending both courses with Helen to all mothers, whether they are first time mums or seasoned pros!

Yasmine, Daniel and Baby Callum’s 2013 Sleep Workshop Story:

Since the Sleep Workshop, Callum seems much happier. He just looks at me now and can put himself back to sleep sometimes, whereas before he would instantly climb the side of the cot and cry.

We’ve invested in a Cuski (comforter) which he likes and is becoming more attached to slowly. The other day he was sleepy for a nap and we were already playing on the bed and he grabbed at it and rested his head on it as he does with me when he wants a nap.

We spent a few days letting Callum stay up in the evening until he showed signs of wanting to go to sleep, rather then sticking to an advised bed time (from the books) of 7pm and have found he is happier to go to sleep at 8pm and doesn’t keep waking every 10 mins any more.

We’ve had some great improvements and I think this is mainly due to me being more confident in what I was doing and also relaxing and going completely with instinct. I think I was mixing my methods before as I was adding in the odd rule from advice etc and I sort of ‘caved’ in to various peer pressure about what I should be doing!

Thanks again!

Rachel Reeves MP and Baby Anna’s 2013 BabyCalm StoryBabyCalm Dulwich Calm Sleep Baby

A very belated thank you for coming over to do the workshop back in June. I found it incredibly valuable. Anna is doing well, and we are looking forward to our first family holiday in a couple of weeks.

Very best wishes!

Wendy, Baby Sophie & Big Brother Jamie’s 2012 BabyCalm Story:

how to calm a babyThank you for your time and the opportunity to learn so many useful techniques to help me bond with my daughter. The (BabyCalm Mother & Baby 4 week) course was so much more than I expected and I would recommend it to others whether they have their first baby or second (or more). The small group, the amazing venue and your calm approach created an intimate atmosphere and allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.

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